me-greyscale-512-square“Hello, I Love Code” is all about Robert Axelsen and his love for code.

His relationship with code started in his teens, learning HTML after having discovered the internet and all it’s glory. His computer had a browser, but no internet, so learning to create websites meant that whenever he had access to internet elsewhere, he would print out guides and tutorials that he could learn from at home.

HTML was easy, but trying to learn Java as a teen was scary and difficult. It wasn’t until in his twenties that he rediscovered his passion by using WordPress, and just a couple of years ago by discovering that programming and servers in general can be much easier to learn (and master) than he had previously thought. No fancy math-degree or genius brain needed. All he had to do was find the right course and learning material, and practice practice practice.

Robert found his “study home” in the form of a website called Free Code Camp, and started a local meetup for it in Vienna, Austria. After spending his time creating websites for companies and individuals using WordPress, he studied both frontend and backend development online to further his skills and expand his career. This culminated in him landing a full-time job as a JavaScript Developer for Sipwise GmbH.

This blog has not been actively maintained over the last year, but every now and then need posts are published.