How To Stop CodePen Auto Reload

I use CodePen a lot these days, both because Free Code Camp requires you to submit your work for their “code it yourself” challenges (calles Ziplines) challenges via CodePen, but also because it’s quick and easy to test something out live.

CodePen is a playground for the front end side of the web. It’s all about inspiration, education, and sharing.

Read more at the CodePen website.

I’ve recently been bothered by the fact that they auto reload the page whenever you do any changes in the HTML or JS editor windows.

So today I said to myself “there must be a way to stop this”. And I was right. You can turn it off in the settings, and a “Run Button” will appear. Very nifty, and will definitely make my life easier, and some APIs less bugged down with my constant reloads.

You can now hit the “Run Button” any time you want the page preview to refresh, and you won’t get interrupted by constant reloads.

Just go to Settings > Behaviour > “Want a Run Button?”, and untick the checkbox. Here is a screenshot to illustrate:



Robert Axelsen

Robert Axelsen is a JavaScript Developer at Sipwise GmbH, and a passionate "life-long student" of all things code and dev. When he is not busy with code or blogging, he tweets, runs a local Free Code Camp group in Vienna, spends time with his amazing wife and two daughters, and keeps up to date on all things tech. You can read more on his website.


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