Just do it

Want to know one of the keys I’ve found to online learning (both learning how to code, and other things)?

It’s as simple as this:

Just do it!

Yes, that “slogan” is an overused cliche by now, but it still holds true.

Whenever I find myself not spending enough time learning how to code, and actually writing code, I remind myself to “just do it”.

Too much time is easily spent worrying about the future, regretting past coding project mistakes, and feeling gloomy about the fact that the present isn’t exactly what we planned for.

The past we can’t change, only learn from. The present is what it is, but we can change how we perceive it (hint: gratitude helps a lot).

But the future we can change, by working on and improving both our coding skills and soft skills.

And how do we improve our skills? By devoting even more time to working on them, and meeting other people also working on improving the same skills. I for example, love attending tech meetups and participating in online learning communities such as Free Code Camp.

If what you’ve read so far isn’t enough, here is an awesome inspirational video to get you even more motivated:

Still reading… what are you waiting for?…

…just do it!


Robert Axelsen

Robert Axelsen is a JavaScript Developer at Sipwise GmbH, and a passionate "life-long student" of all things code and dev. When he is not busy with code or blogging, he tweets, runs a local Free Code Camp group in Vienna, spends time with his amazing wife and two daughters, and keeps up to date on all things tech. You can read more on his website.


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